Our Carers

These are just some of our experienced and qualified carers, all of whom are subject to careful recruitment and vetting procedures.

They are employees of the company rather than agency personnel and are subject to regular appraisals and supervision visits during their working times.


Each of our Carers must also have a valid Enhanced Disclosure Notice provided by the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS), and each must undergo training to achieve at least the minimum qualification to work in the care service.

When they visit your home, our Carers will be wearing the company’s uniform and carry an identity badge with a current photograph. They are required to produce that identification before being given access to your home.


When they have finished each visit, they are required to complete a report book for the work that they have done and you should only sign it if you are fully satisfied with the care you have been given.

How we work


Our carers are required to complete a Report Book each time they visit, and to record any matters that might need to be noted by anyone concerned with your care.


Whilst we always try to allocate regular carers, or group of carers, to each of our clients, there are occasions when one of our carers may be absent from duty due to training, holidays or sickness, and at those times we arrange to provide other carers from our team as relief staff.


We do try to avoid this wherever we can, but our office will always inform you when someone else is calling, and at what time. From time to time we also like to rotate our carers with different clients to give them to widest possible experiences, and of course to give our clients an opportunity to meet other members of our team.


Finally, by the nature of the services we provide, our Carers know that they will have to perform a wide range of duties, sometimes in difficult and challenging circumstances, but we are confident that they will perform their duties well. Nonetheless we do reserve the right to withdraw our services if we have any reason to feel it would be inappropriate for them to be continued.