Your Entitlement to Direct Payments

Did you know that a government scheme exists called Direct Payments whereby you can arrange to purchase your own care from the care provider of your choice, using the scheme to help with your payments?

Direct Payments were introduced by the government in 1997 to give you the flexibility of purchasing the care you want, and to have a greater control over the choice of who you want to provide that care.

In other words, you make the decision about what care you receive and who provides it.


Under the scheme you will receive the payment direct from the government for your care, and you then use the money to pay the company providing that care for the package of care you have agreed with them.

However you should be aware that the amount available to you from Direct Payments may not always be enough to pay fully for the care you decide you should have.


If you therefore opt for Direct Payments and arrange a care package that is not fully covered by the amount available to you from the Direct Payments scheme, you may have to make up the difference in payment to the care company yourself.


Nonetheless applying for Direct Payments is simple and straightforward. If another organisation or someone else is organising your care, or if you want more information for yourself, then use the ‘contact us‘ page on this website, enter your details where shown and under ‘Nature of Enquiry‘ , enter ‘Please tell me more about direct payments‘. And we’ll do the rest.