Frequently asked questions

If any of the questions on this page do not answer your query, please feel free to contact us through our contact page by clicking the contact button below.

1. Why should I choose Devon Home Care instead of any other care organisation?

Not just because we are a local company with many years of experience, or because we have the highest standards that are regularly subject to inspection and registration by the CQC. Or because we have a great team of friendly, experienced and trained staff who are always ready and willing to help you. But because we do what we say. We care. We care about you as an individual; we care about your particular needs and requirements, and we always care about what’s in your best interests.

2. How much will it cost me?

That very much depends on your individual package of care. To find out more, contact us and we will arrange to call to see you to discuss a package of care that’s just right for you, including the cost. And of course there would be no charge for that initial get-to-know you visit.

3. Can I get help with the cost of my care?

In many cases funding for care can be available, but the level and source of that funding may depend on several factors. We would however be happy to help and advise you, and to help you overcome any problems or concerns you may have.

4. What if I don’t like my carer or just want a change?

We appreciate that everyone is different and that a carer that suits one person may not suit another. Our care manager will therefore look carefully at your needs before placing any of our carers with you, and will call to see you shortly after your care package begins to ensure all is well and that you are happy. In addition we would want you to call us should you have any concerns, or indeed if you happy with the care we are providing. We do like to hear from you.

5. Can I choose the kind of care I get?

We want you to be involved in the kind of care we provide for you and wherever possible we arrange to discuss and agree it with you or your relatives. However if you care is provided through a local authority or hospital discharge we may be constrained by their explicit requirements for your care. Nonetheless we would be happy to work with you or your relatives in trying to secure the package of care you feel would be best for you.

6. How do I know my carer is trained and qualified?

Because all our carers are fully trained and qualified to standards required by the Care Quality Commission, Devon County Council and the NHS.  Their training is regularly updated and our carers are encouraged to seek additional NVQ and Diploma training to ensure we always provide the highest possible standards of care.

7. Can I leave my key with you?

We do not encourage clients to leave keys with anyone, including ourselves. However if you would like to contact us we can arrange for a KeySafe to be installed. This is a small box filled to the exterior of your premises which holds your key and which can only be accessed by entering a combination number that you choose.. You can then give that number to anyone, such as your carer, that you want to have access. If you wish we can arrange for such a KeySafe to be installed for a small charge.

8. Who can I talk to in confidence about my needs and my care?

You can always talk to our care manager about your care and your needs, a record of which will be kept in your care plan. Your care plan is a confidential document and the information it contains would only be shared on a need to know basis, for example with the care staff who are visiting you to deliver your care. We have a strict confidentiality policy in place which our staff our obliged to adhere to.

9. What if my carer is ill or goes on holiday?

If your usual carer is on holiday or unable to work for any reason, we will ensure that another carer visits you in their place, and we will try to make sure you are always aware of the changes we have made on your behalf in order to ensure continuity of your care.

10. If I need to, who can I complain to?

We work very hard to ensure you don’t need to complain. But if for any reason you feel you need to make a complaint, we do want to hear from you. Just telephone the office and speak to the Care Manager who will deal with it swiftly and sympathetically. If however you would like to speak personally to the Care Manager in your own home, she will arrange to call to see you as quickly as possible. We have procedures to formally record any complaint received, together with what action was taken to deal with it, how and when the matter was resolved and the comments of the client concerned on its resolution.


We also record the compliments and letters of thanks we receive, and both are available for inspection at any time.

11. What if my carer is late or delayed, or just doesn’t turn up?

From time to time carers run late due to traffic or an emergency situation, if this happens you will receive a call from the office to inform you of the delay and the estimated time of arrival. It is rarely that a carer just doesn’t turn up but should this happen for any reason, just call the office and we will get another carer to you as quickly as possible – and of course investigate any failure that may have occurred.

12. If I need it, can I get extra care or increase my agreed level of care?

If at any time you feel you would benefit from an increase in your agreed level of care please call the office to speak to the Manager, or one of our office staff, and they will be happy to look into the matter for you, and deal with it on your behalf if you wish.

13. Can I ask a member of my family to be present if I need it?

Of course. We would be delighted to have them there and to be involved as much or as little as you want. When we visit we are happy to have relatives or any other person present that you wish, and to deal with any questions or concerns they may have.

14. How do you check up on my care, and my carer, to see they’re doing their job properly?

Our Care Manager or our Senior Carer carry out regular and robust Quality Assurance visits. These include reviews of your Care Plan as your care needs may change or alter, completion of questionnaires, as well as spot checks and phone checks with you to ensure you are happy with the care you receive.

15. Can someone help me with other things like shopping or pension collection?

Yes of course. We pride ourselves on delivering a range of services which include companionship, domestic help and shopping for our clients. If you feel that you would still like to do your own shopping but just want that extra support, then our carers are happy to go along with you. We presently have clients that just want to go for a walk, or go out for lunch or a coffee, and we are happy to help accordingly whenever needed.

16. What if I need to contact you out of office hours or at the weekend?

We provide an Out of Hours telephone number to contact us on urgent matters whenever the office is closed. In addition messages can be left on our Voice Mail for attention when the office reopens.

17. If I wanted to, could I contact one or two of your present clients for a recommendation?

Most certainly. We are more than happy for you to speak with present clients, provided of course they agree to do so. We understand that it would be of comfort to you to get a recommendation from someone already in receipt of our services and so we are happy to arrange it if you would like to contact us.

18. Can my son or daughter come to see you if I asked them to?

Yes of course, we would be pleased to see them and to answer any questions they may have. However as Covid Restrictions are still applied to those visiting our premises, it would be best to telephone beforehand to arrange a suitable time and date for their visit. Alternatively, if your son or daughter are local, we would be happy to go to see them at either their home or yours, just telephone us and we’ll be happy to arrange a mutually convenient time to meet.

19. If I wanted to, could I change to another care company?

Yes, although we hope you won’t. Nonetheless if you did, we can supply you with all the necessary information that you need to ensure that the change is carried out smoothly and with the minimal of disruption for everyone…

20. If I got worse, or needed more care, would you still help me?

We want to help you be as independent as possible and so we provide care services that range from the minimum you need to remain independent through to the full care and support services you need to enable you to continue to live at home. We pride ourselves on knowing our clients and continually working with them so that we can always be there for them for as long as they wish.