Our Purpose

We Endeavour

To provide the best possible home care services at all times to all of our clients and to be at the forefront in maintaining, improving and developing our services to meet the needs and requirements of our clients, our carers and the regulatory authorities.

We also endeavour to ensure that our clients have their privacy, dignity and independence respected at all times, that they have appropriate information about their care and that they are involved wherever possible in decisions about their care. In doing so we also endeavour to ensure that our clients have the opportunity to make their views about their care and how they want to live their lives known to us.

We also like to hear from our clients and their families about the care we provide, their views on its quality and how it could be improved, so that the outcome is the best possible care at all times.


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Our aims and purpose

Our responsibilities

We see our responsibilities as providing the best possible home care services in South Devon as set out in the individual care plans we provide for each person and their representative.

To do so we expect all our employees to provide our services in accordance with the care plan provided for each of our clients, and in accordance with our instructions, our policies, procedures, rules and methods of operation.

We have set ourselves five key aims and objectives in the services we provide

To preserve each individual’s confidentiality and right to privacy, allowing them to exercise control over their personal lives and ensuring their right to view and comment upon their care and their records.

To have regard for the dignity and uniqueness of each individual, including their physical and mental abilities, and their beliefs and preferences, regardless of race, culture, gender, religion, disability, age or sexual orientation.

To act in a consistent and even-handed way in all our relationships with individual clients and service users, and in the decisions taken which affect them, or that may impact upon them.

To respect each individual’s wishes, even if this involves them in taking risks, so long as such risks are not damaging to others or potentially life-threatening to themselves.

To ensure that full, detailed and clear information is available about the company’s services and the way that decisions are reached, and to provide the least restrictive alternatives to anyone who wishes to remain, or to become independent.

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Meet the team

All our Carers are employees of the company, rather than agency personnel and are proud members of a professional, dedicated team. They are all subject to careful recruitment, ongoing training and a regular appraisal of their skills, knowledge and ability.

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About us

Devon Home Care has more than 20 years of experience in serving South Devon and we are committed to providing the very best in private home care services. With our team of trained and registered carers we are amongst the most experienced and capable home care providers in Devon.

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Our service

In providing a very personal and individual service to each of our clients, we take into account all their needs and requirements in order to formulate their own specific individual and personal care programme. Our carers then work with the client within that programme to help them towards to personal independence and capability whereever possible.